Ingredients :

1 Large Rhubarb stick

6 Strawberries

100gm NY Cheesecake

Kyoto Matcha Tea Meringue

Raspberry Coulis

Lemon Yoghurt Cream

Strawberry Powder

French Tuile Ring


Make Rhubarb & Strawberry compote by adding 100gm sugar to the chopped Rhubarb and Strawberries, boil for a few minutes till soft, reserve till later. Make NY cheesecake following the directions from our earlier recipe card. Dice 100gms from the NY Cheesecake.

Whip 50gm egg white to soft peak, then add 100gm sugar slowly while continue whipping and 10gm Matcha powder to the whipped egg white, Pipe drops on tray and bake at 100 deg for 1hr.

Whip 100ml double cream with 100ml of yoghurt with 50gms of icing sugar to make the yoghurt cream.

To make strawberry powder dehydrate 1 punnet of strawberries in a dehydrator till very dry, grind to a powder.

To make the Tuile ring: Mix 30gms of icing sugar with 30gm of soft flour with 1 egg white and vanilla to taste in a mixing bowl on low to form a batter, Spread very thin batter 2mm thick into a shape of a 30cm ruler. Bake at 150 deg for 5mins, then while hot take of tray and shape into a ring, (you will have 30 seconds only to do this before it hardens to biscuit)

TO ASSEMBLE: Put Tuile ring on plate, fill with Rhubarb Strawberry compote, add diced 1cm x 1cm NY cheesecake squares, Place round cutter on top and fill with the whipped yogurt cream, top with mini Matcha meringues, dust all over with Strawberry powder and finish with drops of raspberry coulis.