This was my first visit to the winery and Veraison restaurant and what an eye opener!! From the time we entered for the wine tasting right through to the end of our lunch was one of the best experiences i have had. Sheree greeted me with a smile and the knowledge of all the wines were impeccable and very interesting. Sheree was teaching a new trainee (Clare) and what a delightful girl she was. She even thanked us at the end of our meal for giving her the opportunity to serve us.
The meal was to die for. I had the Venison in which my mouth exploded with all the different flavours on my plate. To finish of i was served the best dessert I have ever tasted. It was the Honey roasted popcorn ice cream which sounds like it would not work together but my tastebuds were were dancing in my my mouth, its was devine!! Thank you sooo much for the incredible experience. I will definately be back and recommend it to anyone!!
P.S I also purchased 3 bottles of there finest to take home!!